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Quicken Loans is America’s largest mortgage lender, helping millions achieve the dream of home ownership. They've revolutionized the industry with the world’s very first online mortgage experience. The mission behind Rocket Mortgage is clear: Make the complicated home financing process simpler - using innovative technology and amazing team members.

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Technology is rapidly changing dated business practices at the speed of light and the mortgage lending industry is not excluded. At Rocket Mortgage, we merged automation with the banker education and certification process.

Percy Swint, and Adrian Cardona

General Design Process

Define business goals – review agent feedback – score agent problems – discover business opportunities – interview agents – validate opportunities – define agent personas – create user flows – design wireframes – iterate – design high fidelity prototype – iterate - handoff to engineering

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This design is partial and blurred due to confidentiality agreement


There are a number of parties involved in the process of certifying bankers with their mortgage licenses – both receiving and maintaining state and federal licenses. With so many procedures fulfilled manually, it often caused critical and key information to fall through the cracks; never making it to its intended destination or recipient. The system was prone to human error, resulting in the transferring of inaccurate information.


1. NMLS Registration

Licensing Specialist creates account for bankers in the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System (NMLS)

4. Initial Underwrite

Underwriter completes initial underwrite

7. State Submission

Licensing Specialist submits bankers in NMLS for their first state.

10. System Intro

Licensing Specialist introduces bankers to Rocket's internal system for licensing

13. Banker Documents

Licensing Specialist requests state required documents from banker.

16. State Approval

Application is approved by state once banker has no outstanding deficiencies according to individual state requirements

2. Federal Entry

Underwriter puts bankers into federal process with internal system

5. Initial State Entry

Licensing Specialist submits bankers in NMLS for initial states

8. Multistate Entries

Underwriter determines states to put bankers in process in internal system

11. Education Complete

Banker completes 20 hour exam and any state required education

14. Deficiencies

All deficiencies whether created internally or through NMLS are resolved by the Licensing Team

3. Banker Presentation

Licensing Specialist hosts NMLS presentation for training newly hired bankers

6. SAFE Exam

Licensing Specialist purchases, schedules, and ensure bankers attend and pass exam

9. Fingerprints

Licensing Specialist collects fingerprints of all bankers

12. Presubmission

Underwriter performs a presubmission underwrite to discover any deficiencies. Once cleared, bankers must attest

15. Final Submission

Once all sufficient state requirements have been collected by the Licensing Team, applications are submitted to the state


Automation. We created a system that automatically updated the system and delivered key information to the banker and licensing team at sequential journey milestones; ultimately removing the need for time consuming, and repetitive functions. At any point in time the licensing team (and banker) could see their progress and status for any individual state or federal license. We also implemented a flag that alerted the team whenever bankers were stuck in the pipeline for a set period of time.



Team workflow decreased by 50%


Team doubled the number of bankers to push through pipeline

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