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– About
Compass has built the first modern real estate platform, pairing the industry's top agent talent with technology to make the search and sell experience intelligent and seamless. Compass' mission is purposed to help everyone find their place in the world.


Modern Interior Design

Flexible Template Email Editor

Businesses everywhere are utilizing 3rd party email software to create communications with a personal touch. Compass has developed a custom solution tailored for real estate agencies of all shapes and sizes.

Percy Swint, Andrew Ward, and Konrad Rywelski

General Design Process

Define business goals – review agent feedback – score agent problems – discover business opportunities – interview agents – validate opportunities – define agent personas – create user flows – design wireframes – iterate – design high fidelity prototype – iterate - handoff to engineering

Email FTE.png


Agents are creating newsletters and sending out email campaigns to existing and potential clients, on the daily basis. For every personalized email that they're sending out, they are required to add their: contact info, agency information, company logo, listing address, listing details... and the list goes on. Agents are overwhelmed by the repetitive, minutiae.


The solution was to create a group of dynamic components that could be auto-filled with agent and company information, listing and property details, logos and more; saving agents countless hours of manual entry. This approach also reduced the number of typos and grammatical errors, resulting in more professionally polished communications. 

– Auto-Filling Listing & Agent Info, Prototype

Media Library, Enabling Collaboration

High performing and successful real estate agencies are composed of a number of members who all together move like one unified organism. After understanding how agents share media internally, we decided to create a collaboration tool that takes that comprehensive, organization further.

Percy Swint, Kevin Reid, and Ashley Capeloto

Percy Swint's Portfolio Compass


Today, real estate agencies are composed of principle and junior agents, finance, and marketing specialists. 
Principal agents are often the primary consumers and owners of media, but more often than not, they are not the ones who actually create new listings, marketing collateral and so on.

Transferring media internally provides for a cumbersome experience. Agents can not easily share media with their team, which makes for a slow and inefficient collaboration process. More explicitly, research has shown that the majority of teams have to first upload a volume of large files, from their Compass Media Library, to a 3rd party storage cloud. Next, the receiving team member must then download all files locally, and then upload them to their own Media Library within Compass.

Media Library User Flow.jpg


With collaboration enabled in Media Library, principle agents and their team members could share access to various types of media including: images, videos, and 3D tours. Sharing media right within the Compass platform provides instant access to media without the need to upload and download assets. All users can quickly create listing and marketing collateral using media that was shared with them.

– Sharing Media Flow, Prototype

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