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Prophit is a desktop and mobile application for small business manufacturers that helps them put more money into their pocket for every product sold. Prophit allows users to get a bird's eye view of their true production costs, speed up their production time, and manage inventory of all their raw materials.

UI / UX / Branding

Prophit Home Page - iXs.png

– Desktop Interface

Products – Overview, Gallery Layout@2x.p
Products – Product Page@2x.png

– Mobile Interface

– Design Intent / User Flow


To create seamless transitions between the app's core functions without interrupting the user's workflow. Taking the business model into consideration, it was important to implement design features that were scalable; factoring in proposed features in the application's life cycle.

Prophit Mockup Sign In@2x.png
iPhone Xs Template.png
Prophit Mockup Sign In@2x.png
iPhone Xs Template.png

Account Setup


New users are introduced to the application with an account sign up. After clicking 'Create Account' users are transitioned to the app's intro slides detailing the app's primary functions. 


To take advantage of the many resources the app offers, users must first input their product's information to calculate their production costs - to ultimately understand their earning potential.


This feature reinforces the community of small business manufacturers. Much like a blog or forum, Discover will provide information and articles about manufacturing best practices, relevant industry new, and other business related tips.

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Prophit Mockup Products Page@2x.png
Prophit Mockup Sign In@2x.png
Prophit Mockup Create Account@2x.png
Prophit Mockup Discover@2x.png
Prophit Mockup Discover Page@2x.png
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